Busy days ahead

We have finally gotten permission from both of our parents about our wedding! Weeeeee!

It is going to be so difficult as both of us are in two different places. Like my dad said, that is a problem that both the families can compromise.

We went to Bugis Guan Yin Temple, and get the old lady to help us with the wedding dates. She is very friendly and nice. She even advised us to keep everything simple since both of us are from two different places, where there are definitely costs incurred elsewhere. She told us to have buffets at home and invite all relatives over. We don't think we are doing that, but a 5-star hotel is definitely out of our choices. It is less than four months to our customaries, and less than six months to our Singapore luncheon dates. It seems so rush, so hope everything is moving smoothly! Hope we can get a decent place. Fingers crossed!