Le Wedding Proposal

The groom decided to have a proposal for the bride, so she will have no regrets. It wasn't a very grand one, but it surely was a crowded one!

The groom started planning for it the minute he was back from Singapore. The bride thought, why was he so busy lately, and why was he meeting up with so many friends, his really have gotten lotsa friends! Later did she know it was all for the surprise she had.

Due to the song Marry Me by Bruno Mars, we weren't able to upload the video on facebook and youtube. We uploaded it on youku instead. Hopefully you can still watch it! Enjoy!




Best Wedding Tools ever!

We must quote that the www.perfectweddings.sg" rel="nofollow">www.perfectweddings.sg provide the best wedding tools ever! It suited us, Singaporeans in the most perfect way! Most importantly, it is free!

There is checklist in it, so we won't forget things. It even reminded us to contact our solemniser soon, in case he/she is booked. And we saw in it when we should find my photographer and make up artist for that day. So, especially for those of us who are ever so excited and busy of our wedding, this is a very good tool to keep our calmness!

Then they let us create a wedding website (like what you are reading now), where we can share our experience with all other friends who are going to go through this hard period. 

It is now an age of technology. We can be efficient easily. So, in this website, you can also do up your RSVP form for your family and friends to fill up. Maybe for some relatives, it is still better to pay them a visit. But for friends, you can save the trouble to SMS-ing or whatsapp-ing them for their address and details one by one, where sometimes you might miss our somthing in the process.

Upon filling up the RSVP form, the details will be sent to their Guest List manager automatically. You can download the table in excel format, and upload you ready ones from excel format too. 

All these tools made our planning so much easier, especially when only the bride is a Singaporean. 



我们在 www.perfectweddings.sg" rel="nofollow">www.perfectweddings.sg 找到了非常棒的结婚策划工具!非常适合新加坡新人的结婚工具。重点是,这是免费的!




把表格填完并提交之后,资料会自动出现在客人名单管理器里(Guest List manager)。完成后可以下载它的excel档,或是上传以完成的excel档。


You are invited!

Wedding Dates confirmed

After days and days of discussion, we have finally finalised our wedding dates!

Due to our ever-so-far distance, we are going to hold our banquet at two different places. So, here's our plan.

14 October 2014 will be the actual date of our marriage. We will be holding our wedding at Shandong, the hometown of the groom. On that day, the traditional ceremony will take place, followed by the banquet for the groom's side family and friends. To all our other friends who are thinking about travelling, you are definitely welcome to join us. How many times can you attend a wedding in a foreign country? 

Tips: You can flyscoot to Qingdao, and take the bullet train to Taian to attend the wedding. Otherwise, change flights from Guangzhou, Shanghai or Beijing to get to Jinan airport.

Note: We are bringing the bride's parents for a short tour too. Cool

Then on 27 December 2014, we will be having our solemnisation and luncheon at Orchid Country Club where the bride's family and friends are all invited. Cheers!








然后就是我们12月27日的午宴。这午宴将会陪同我们的注册仪式。邀请了女方的亲戚朋友在Orchid Country Club举行。

Busy days ahead

We have finally gotten permission from both of our parents about our wedding! Weeeeee!

It is going to be so difficult as both of us are in two different places. Like my dad said, that is a problem that both the families can compromise.

We went to Bugis Guan Yin Temple, and get the old lady to help us with the wedding dates. She is very friendly and nice. She even advised us to keep everything simple since both of us are from two different places, where there are definitely costs incurred elsewhere. She told us to have buffets at home and invite all relatives over. We don't think we are doing that, but a 5-star hotel is definitely out of our choices. It is less than four months to our customaries, and less than six months to our Singapore luncheon dates. It seems so rush, so hope everything is moving smoothly! Hope we can get a decent place. Fingers crossed!